Thursday, July 28, 2011

"8" Cake

This cake was made for my nephews baptism! Congrats Collin and thanks Sarah!

Beaker Cake

My son had a mad scientist birthday party this year so I made him a beaker cake complete with a bubbling potion inside!

He loved it! And so did the other kids. This was a white cake with buttercream frosting!

A Classic!

Yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting is a Classic!

Didn't do this cake for anything in particular....just for my sweet family!
So I will end with the words of my son. "Mommy, this is the most delicious cake ever!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Goodies

4th of July Cake Pops. These were made from two white cakes. One was tinted blue and the other red. They were dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with blue and red tinted chocolate

aren't these darling. Cupcakes in a jar! The same red and blue tinted cakes were used for these layered between white buttercream and topped with sprinkles. I also made the cupcake toppers.

Monster Cake

I made this cake last year for my sons 3rd birthday! He had a monster party!

The legs, arms, and facial features were done with fondant and the rest is frosted in buttercream to make him look hairy

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Pretzels

Unfortunately I forgot to get a shot of these pretzels before they were all bagged and tied. These I made for the 4th of July!

Bee Themed Treats

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the bee treats individually. I made all this for an event I helped put together for a church function. This was the table scape I did for the event.

This was the only shot I got of the cupcakes and it's blurry :0(
These were vanilla cupcakes with yellow buttercream and bee toppers.

In the picture above you can see the "bee" pretzels. They were of course dipped in my home-made caramel first and then in yellow tinted white chocolate and drizzled with black tinted white chocolate.

I'm sad I didn't get a better picture of these cookies. They were beehive sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.
It was a fun event and I think everyone enjoyed the goodies!

"L" Cupcakes

These were made for a baby shower. Vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream!

Sheep Cupcakes

I made these for a lesson I taught in church! One of the 99!
These are vanilla cupcakes, buttercream frosting, topped with marshmallows to look like "fluff"!
Love how they turned out!

"E" Cookies

These sugar cookies were done for a baby shower for a little boy!
Thanks for your order Andie!