Monday, August 29, 2011

Gender Cake

I'm calling this a "Gender Cake" for lack of a better name. I had a customer who is pregnant with her first child. Last week she went to the doctor to find out what she was having, but instead of having them tell her, she had the write it down on a post-it and seal it in an envelope.

She then brought it to me and I was to open it, and tint the cake either pink or blue depending on what she was having. She came back that evening to pick it up....and by cutting into the cake, found out what she was having. What a fun idea RIGHT!

I was glad it was a boy....I really wanted to make a blue cake! The picture above was taken by her family (I stole it off Facebook so thanks Casslyn!) Congratulations Stacia! And thank you for the fun order!

"8" Cake

These pictures were taken at night so not the best lighting...sorry. This cake was for my nieces baptism. She loved the roses so we did it all over her "8" cake. Mostly white roses with a few pink in there too! Congratulations on your baptism Sabrina!

House Cookies

I made these for a staging company that works with Remax...she wanted the houses in their logo colors thus the blue roof and red door. Thanks for your order Joellyn!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rose Cake

I love how this cake turned out. Made it simply to try the "Rose" piping technique. What do ya think?